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DownloadClick here to download TakeStockSFX_015j.exe (1.6 Mb)

 How to install TakeStock
To install TakeStock, do the following:
  1. Run TakeStockSFX_015i.exe and extract its contents to a new folder, eg: C:\TakeStock.
  2. Create a shortcut to C:\TakeStock\TakeStock.exe.  Double-click the shortcut to run TakeStock.


  • TakeStock doesn't modify the Windows registry, and doesn't create or modify any files in the Windows or Windows system folders.
  • All data is maintained in the files TakeStock.db and TakeStock.ini, located in C:\TakeStock.
  • Backup copies of TakeStock.db are stored in C:\TakeStock\backup.

 How to uninstall TakeStock
To uninstall TakeStock, delete the folder C:\TakeStock and any shortcuts you created.


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