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Released 28 July 2002
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 What's EZBackup?
EZBackup is an easy-to-use backup utility for Windows 9x, NT, 2000 and XP.

EZBackup main window

Some of EZBackup's features are:
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Backup specific files and folders (recursively and non-recursively)
  • Ability to specify include/exclude filters
  • Various backup modes: full, incremental, incremental with regular full backups
  • Ability to pause, resume and stop backups
  • Checks for available disk space before starting backup
  • User selectable error handling
  • Easily copy and rename backup jobs
  • Human readable log file
  • Coming next...
 What does it cost?
EZBackup 1.0 Beta is free.

To install EZBackup, do the following:

  1. Download (138 Kb) and extract its contents to a new folder, eg: C:\EZBackup.
  2. Create a short-cut to C:\EZBackup\EZBackup.exe.
  3. Optional:
    If you want EZBackup to automatically start when you start Windows, copy the shortcut to the appropriate folder: C:\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp (Windows 9x/ME), C:\WinNT\Profiles\<username>\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp (Windows NT) or C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Start Menu\Programs\Startup (Windows 2000).

To uninstall EZBackup, delete the folder C:\EZBackup.  EZBackup doesn't touch the Windows registry and doesn't create or modify any files in the Windows or Windows system folders.

 How to use EZBackup
EZBackup is easy to use!  This section describes how to:
  1. Start and stop EZBackup
  2. Create a backup job
  3. Start and stop a backup job
  4. Modify a backup job
  5. Delete a backup job
  6. View a backup job's log file

Starting and stopping EZBackup

To start EZBackup, run C:\EZBackup\EZBackup.exe.  To stop EZBackup, select Exit from the File menu.  If you close the EZBackup window by clicking the "X" at the upper right corner (or selecting Close from the window's system menu), EZBackup will run as an icon in the system tray.  To display the EZBackup window, just click the icon.

Creating a backup job

To create a new backup job, do the following:
  1. Click the New Job toolbar button or select New from the Job menu.  EZBackup displays the New Job window.

    Creating a new backup job

  2. Type a job name in the "Name" box.
  3. Enter a folder name in the "Create backups in this folder" box or click Select to select a folder.  If the folder doesn't exist, EZBackup will create it when the job runs.
  4. Click Add to add files and folders to the backup job.  From the popup menu, select Folder... to add a folder or Files... to add files.  You can also drag files and folders from Windows Explorer into the "Items to backup" list.  To modify an item in the list, select it and click Modify.  To delete items, select the items and click Delete.
  5. Optional:
    Click the Backup Type tab to select a backup type.  By default, EZBackup will perform a full backup every 5 times this job runs.  At other times, an incremental backup will be performed.
  6. Optional:
    Click the Filters tab to specify include and exclude filters.  When backing up a folder, EZBackup will use these filters to determine which files in the folder should be considered for backup.
  7. Optional:
    Click the Options tab to specify various pre-backup and post-backup options.  You can also specify how EZBackup should handle backup errors.
  8. Click OK to create the job.

Starting and stopping a backup job

To start a backup job, select the job and click the Start Job toolbar button or select Start from the Job menu.  EZBackup displays a job progress window when the job begins to run.  The window automatically expands to display any errors or warnings that may occur during the job.

A running job   A running job displaying a warning message

To pause the job, click Pause.  The progress window now displays Resume and Stop buttons.  Click Resume to continue the job or Stop to stop the job.

Modifying a backup job

To modify a backup job, do the following:
  1. Select the job in the EZBackup window and click Modify, or select Modify from the Job menu.  EZBackup displays the Modify Job window.
  2. Modify the job's properties as desired.
  3. Click OK to save your changes or click Cancel to discard them.

Deleting a backup job

To delete a backup job, do the following:
  1. Select the job in the EZBackup window and click Delete, or select Delete from the Job menu.  EZBackup displays a confirmation prompt.
  2. Click Yes to delete the job or No to quit.
  • EZBackup will not permit you to delete a running job.
  • Deleting a backup job only deletes the entry from EZBackup's database.  Backups created by this job are not deleted.

Viewing a backup job's log file

EZBackup saves backups in timestamped folders within the job's backup folder.  If a job whose backup folder is C:\Backups is run on 1-June-2000 at 9:00pm as a full backup, EZBackup will create the folder C:\Backups\20000601_210000_F and place files backed up during this run in this folder.  A log file named C:\Backups\20000601_210000_F\20000601_210000_F.LOG is also created in this folder.

The log file is a ASCII text file that can be read by any text editor or word processor.  Here's a sample of what an EZBackup log file contains:

*** Start: EZBackup log D:\BackupTarget\20000604_003905_F\20000604_003905_F.LOG ***
2000/06/04 00:39:05 S: Backup folder created D:\BackupTarget\20000604_003905_F
2000/06/04 00:39:05 I: Computing file list ...
2000/06/04 00:39:05 I: Detected 345 file(s)
2000/06/04 00:39:07 I: After applying exclusions, processing 297 file(s) ...
2000/06/04 00:39:07 S: Created folder D:\BackupTarget\20000604_003905_F\BackupSource\CodeBucket\Database
2000/06/04 00:39:07 S: D:\BackupSource\CodeBucket\Database\CodeBucketDB.dsp
2000/06/04 00:39:07 S: D:\BackupSource\CodeBucket\Database\CodeBucketDB.dsw
2000/06/04 00:39:17 I: Job completed successfully (297 file(s) processed, 297 file(s) backed up)
*** End: EZBackup log ***

 Coming next
EZBackup is under development.  Here's what's coming next (no guarantees when!):
  • Ability to schedule backups
  • Backing up to ZIP archives
  • Fully automatic, real-time backups
  • "Synchronize backup folder" mode
  • More incremental backup options (backup files that are newer than and/or different from those last backed up)
  • Customized prompts before starting backup jobs
  • Ability to restore specific files and folders
  • Easily browse backup logs
  • An installer with uninstall capability
 Known problems
None (yet).

 Release notes

 1.0 Beta 8, released 28 July 2002
New Stuff
  1. The Full / Incremental Backup Options dialog now allows backed up files to be stored in the backup root folder (i.e. not within timestamped subfolders).

 1.0 Beta 7, released 4 January 2001
New Stuff
  1. The Job..Start menu command now offers options to force a full (or ncremental) backup.
    (Silvio DeVincentis)

  2. The destination timestamped backup folder may be named according to various formats, and can include an optional custom prefix.
    (Bill Snapper, Tony Iacobucci)

  3. You can now define custom filter sets (eg: "All Project X source files - *.java, Foo*.xml, Bar.*").  These filter sets are available to all backup jobs and may be modified at any time.

 1.0 Beta 6, released 4 July 2000
Bug Fixes
  1. Incorrectly packaged system DLLs (COMCTL32.DLL and COMDLG32.DLL) in the Beta 5 distribution would sometimes cause EZBackup to crash (on WinNT only) when adding files to the backup job via the "Add Files" command in the General tab of the New/Modify Job dialog.  These DLLs have been removed from

    If COMCTL32.DLL and COMDLG32.DLL are present in your EZBackup folder, please delete these files before running the program.

New Stuff
  1. The Modify Job command has been speeded up.  This is especially noticeable when modifying a job that refers to a backup folder on a network drive.

 1.0 Beta 5, released 30 June 2000
Bug Fixes
  1. Using UNC folder names would sometimes cause EZBackup to crash.  This no longer happens.

  2. EZBackup would incorrectly add duplicate files to the backup list, causing spurious error messages to be generated during backup.  This no longer happens.

  3. Under Windows NT, the "Add Folder" dialog (General tab of the New Job window) would not display.  This has been fixed.
New Stuff
  1. The file list creation phase of a backup job has been greatly speeded up.

 1.0 Beta 4, released 11 June 2000
New Stuff
  1. Job specific option to check available free space before starting a backup implemented.
    (Chris Bowker)

 1.0 Beta 3, released 7 June 2000
Bug Fixes
  1. When running a job for the first time, files in non-recursively backed up folders were not getting backed up.  Backups now run properly.
    (Bill Snapper, Leslie Walsh-Sweeney)

New Stuff
  1. UNC support has been added.  You can now specify a backup folder on a network as \\Server\folder.  The Select Backup folder dialog allows you to select folders from Network Neighborhood without having to map a network drive.

 1.0 Beta 2, released 5 June 2000
Bug Fixes
  1. distribution file contained extraneous path information.  This has been removed.
    (Bill Snapper)

New Stuff
  1. Tools..Options command implemented.

 1.0 Beta 1, released 4 June 2000
  • Initial release

 How to submit a bug report
To submit a bug report, suggestion or feature request, please send mail to  Although I may not be able to send you a personal reply, please be assured that I read each and every message.  A list of known bugs, along with the names of their discoverers will be posted at this page.

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