Welcome to RaviCam (Almost) Live!

He was once a 98 pound weakling who got sand kicked in his face.  Now, he's overweight, stays off the beach, sleeps all day and codes all night.  See the geek up close and personal -- on RaviCam Live!

Due to an unfortunate incident at the local SuperCuts (home of the $8.95 haircut), Ravi will be sporting the Dilbert look until his hair grows back.  Any gray you see is purely a pigment of your imagination.

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necessarily change) every 30 seconds.

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Want to set up your own webcam?

It's easy!  Here's what you need:
  • A digital camera that can be controlled by your PC (I use the Intel PC Camera - read my review at Epinions).  You can also use a video camera and a frame grabber, but that's more expensive.

  • A web site with FTP access.  I rent space at Web66 and recommend them highly.  You can get a personal web site for less than $11 per month.  If you want your own domain name (like www.RaviB.com), you'll first need to register a domain with the Internic.

  • A program to capture and upload images at regular intervals.  I use Bill Oatman's SpyCam.  It's a great piece of shareware, well worth the $15 registration fee the author requests.  If you end up using it, please register!

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