The Cosmic Junk

In the summer of 1972, my brother introduced me to members of a band he would jam with once in a while.  They were a motley crew in need of a lead guitarist.  I was in ninth grade, dying to express myself to a world that mostly wouldn't listen.  The timing was perfect.

The Junk lasted seven years and saw me through most of college.  We were never really big, but had a lot of fun and attracted a lot of free spirits.  Eventually, Ranjit, our first drummer, hit the big time while the rest of us attempted to gravitate towards more conventional endeavors.

The music's never left me and through the years I've been lucky to find like minded souls who have the desire and have made the time to keep the music going while working for a mortgage.  But RPM's another story for another page.

Baba The Junk was the brainchild of bass guitarist and lead vocal, Parvez Vora, who went by the name of Baba.  Baba was (is) a die-hard optimist who believed you didn't actually have to be in tune to play rock and roll.

When he wasn't playing with the Junk, Baba spent his time working for the family business and keeping his 1928 Ford Model A in running condition.  The car was the main mode of transportation for the band and it annoyed us no end to be compared to the Archies.

Today, Baba is happily married with two kids.  He spends most of his time managing a container shipping business and convincing his kids that he was a real cool guy once upon a time.


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